to american manufacturing and the domestic supply chain

  • 100% American owned and operated.
  • 100% domestic engineering and manufacturing solutions.
  • No offshoring, brokering or outsourcing.
  • Safe harbor for American electronics companies.
  • Supporting aerospace, defense, communications, electric power, medical, industrial controls, space, and national security sectors since 1968.

american manufacturing ingenuity and strength

  • 160,000 sq.ft. of advanced PCB fabrication systems, automation and integration.
  • Vast range of expertise in conventional, HDI and HDBU circuit fabrication.
  • 6-to-30-layer high density multilayer packages, BBV’s, stacked mVias, and buried passives.
  • Super high-speed digital, RF signal, and mixed signal packages, mechanical milling, and edge castellation.
  • Laser & LED direct imaging for superior signal integrity.
  • Digital solder mask and silkscreen for enhanced registration & resolution.

safely, securely and sustainably
delivering high reliability pcbs since 1968.

Calumet Electronics printed circuit boards can afford zero downtime and zero failure

zero downtime. zero failure.

Calumet Electronics designs, engineers, and manufactures high reliability printed circuit boards for high performance products. Circuit boards that must stand up to the most demanding applications and environments. Our passion for excellence in every board ensures consistent and reliable performance that our customers depend on.

Calumet Electronics operates safely and securely in the remote wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

remote location

Our remote location in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula defines the character of our people. Surrounded by rugged Lake Superior and expansive forest wilderness, our people easily handle huge snow-filled winters and take on extreme outdoor adventures in the summer. 

We love to live and work here because living in the U.P. makes us stronger. Every board we make has our grit and determination built in.

Calumet electronics provide printed circuit boards for demanding applications

demanding applications

From protecting the electric power grid to detecting IED drones to life-saving medical devices, Calumet Electronics’ printed circuit boards are used when the product must work. More importantly, Calumet Electronics’ American-based people and facilities are ideal to support the demands of our nation’s proprietary manufacturing needs.

Calumet Electronics protecting American electronics

Protecting American Electronics

Our priority is supporting the circuit board needs of American electronics manufacturers vital to the safe and secure future of our country. This is why Calumet Electronics does not offshore any aspect of production and is 100% American owned and operated.

Calumet provides leadership within the domestic electronics industry through advocacy and next generation technologies.