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Calumet Electronics advanced manufacturing technologies

Calumet Electronics capitalizes on an ideal combination of advanced manufacturing strength combined with continual advancements in cutting edge engineering.

Calumet Technologies

Calumet Electronics intelligent engineering

Intelligent Engineering

Calumet Electronics performs comprehensive analysis of customer data. Our highly experienced in-house team of engineers provides a full suite of engineering services leveraging powerful software tools and automation. In addition to performing typical Design for Manufacturing (DFM) checks, our engineers discover and evaluate potential manufacturing issues and engage customers to suggest improvements that may improve yields and reduce cost.

Calumet Electronics 5G readiness

5G Readiness

5G is pushing the limits of speed and high frequency mixed signal design. Higher frequency layout rules and material selection will ensure  signal strength and integrity. In anticipation of 5G, Calumet Electronics’ engineering team is strategically and intimately familiar with the materials and laminate requirements need to manufacture a high-performance PCB for just about any environment.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Job Planning

There are over 250 possible design processes that design engineers should consider. From DFM (design for manufacturing) and IP to material and eventual environment planning, design engineers have a lot to consider. Calumet Electronics has one of the industry’s biggest, most experienced and continuously growing team of engineers who are here to support customers at the front-end of the order process. Working closely with our team will assure your designs are manufactured for quality and cost efficiencies.

Calumet Electronics advanced equipment

Advanced Equipment & Smart Systems

Calumet Electronics’ printed circuit boards are produced using some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies available, including Laser Direct Imaging, 8-Camera Multilayer Punch, X-Ray Drilling and XACT PCB GeminiX Linear+ software. These systems are integrated and work together to build databases of predictive knowledge, panel-by-panel optimization for imaging and drilling and provide critical data feedback to engineers for continual improvement of signal layer registration.

Calumet Electronics process control

Quality Through Process Control

Calumet Electronics believes that highly reliable manufacturing processes are the key to producing very consistent products. We monitor hundreds of key process characteristics critical to product quality. We strive to maintain each characteristic at or above a Cpk value of 1.33. Our strategically placed in-process inspections, final inspections and automated electrical and mechanical verification steps assure our customers that Calumet Electronics printed circuit boards can be received and placed directly into their stock without additional incoming inspection.

DFM Process

Great planning can eliminate mistakes like edge clearance, acid trapping, assorted board complications, no solder masking between pads and the placement of vias in and between pads.

Calumet Electronics’ DFM process assures that any PCB design is optimized for dimensions, materials, tolerances, functionality and the most efficient manufacturing processes. Our DFM process will assure communication between the designers and manufacturing floor. With DFM engineering, our team will work with yours during every stage of the design, development and production processes.