Advanced Manufacturing Strength



Conventional PCBs

Utilizing over 50 years of manufacturing expertise and one of the best equipment sets in the industry, Calumet Electronics consistently delivers the highest reliability conventional PCBs in the world. 


From advanced front-end design and development processes, through refined process controls and configurations management, advanced HDI designs are engineered for optimum manufacturability and reliability.

RF & Microwave PCBs

Ensuring critical dimensional tolerances and exacting material requirements are essential in the proper execution of RF and microwave designs.  Calumet Electronics’ world-class registration systems and expansive statistical process control programs ensure that RF and microwave designs are realized correctly and repeatedly.

Flex & Rigidflex PCBs - coming q2 2022

Flexible and Rigidflex circuit designs introduce additional challenges in manufacturing. Collaboration with Calumet Electronics’ front-end design team will ensure the best results in manufacturing these complex designs.

Calumet Electronics advanced manufacturing

Meaningful Manufacturing Accreditations

IPC-1791 Qualified Manufacturers Listing is a facility-level certification based on a standard published by the IPC (Association Connection Electronics Industry) titled “Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator, and Assembler Requirements.” The standard provides the minimum set of requirements an organization needs comply with in order to become a trusted source for industries requiring a high level of confidence in the integrity of the components they intend to use in their end products.

The certification is intended for companies that design, manufacture and/or assemble printed circuit boards for use in industries such as military, aerospace, medical and industrial. A company can be certified for one or more of those business activities.

Calumet Electronics is registered with the United States Department of State and able to handle export controlled items or technical data as defined by Arms Export Control Act. All of our processes ensure that all of your items or technical data that are subject to export control restrictions will be protected as required by law.