Calumet’s Senior R&D Engineer Lee Mayra leads forward-thinking production team

Lee Mayra engineer spotlight

Engineer Spotlight:  Mayra values Calumet’s role in the local community Following a seven-month internship while a senior at Michigan Technological University, Lee Mayra started working full-time for Calumet Electronics in December of 2005. After 16 years, Mayra is now Calumet’s Senior Research and Development Engineer. Dr. Meredith LaBeau, Director of Process Engineering, describes Lee as […]

AIAM Board appointment of Brassard strengthens Calumet’s support of Michigan’s aerospace industry

Todd Brassard and Meredith Labeau

Calumet Electronics’ Todd Brassard receives unanimous support to serve on AIAM Board of Directors CALUMET, Mich. (April 5, 2021) – In recognition of Calumet Electronics’ concerted effort to shape the future of domestic aerospace manufacturing, the Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan (AIAM) unanimously approved Calumet’s VP/COO Todd Brassard to serve on the organization’s Board of […]

CRP and Calumet Electronics bring high-quality PCBs to DoD marketplace

Representative spotlight: CRPTechnical solutions

Calumet has a strong network of field partners, including CRP Technical Solutions. We have teamed up with CRP to develop critical relationships in key markets. Customers trust the CRP team, which is evidenced by their continued growth, even during the pandemic. “Since year one at Calumet, CRP came out swinging and has not looked back,” […]

Spring construction moves forward with Calumet Electronics expansion

Thanks to the awesome team at Moyle Construction, our 35,000 sq. ft. expansion is really taking shape. Along with our purchase of a neighboring historic building, our manufacturing campus is expanding and will empower our employees to perform at the highest levels.

People and PCB manufacturing processes, a priority at Calumet Electronics

While most electronics manufacturers are building “smart factories,” Calumet focuses on people-driven processes As the resurgence of domestic electronic manufacturing continues, PCB manufacturers’ processes are essential to meet the demands of the DoD, aerospace, and commercial sectors. Much of the industry uses next-generation technology to automate manufacturing and create smart factories, but at Calumet Electronics, […]

ENiG Finish Operator

ENiG Finish Operators are responsible for the operation, quality checks, and maintenance of our manufacturing department’s Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold surface finish line. The ENiG line consists of an automatic hoist, a series of chemical baths, and a PLC-based control system. An operator’s primary responsibilities include loading and unloading production panels, conducting in process inspections of product, monitor the health of the baths, adding chemistry as necessary, performing maintenance tasks, and working with technicians and engineers to solve problems and continuously make improvements.

Estimated Earnings: $30,657 – $42,570

Press Layup Operator

Calumet Electronics press layup operator

Layup Operators are responsible for building up multilayer circuit boards and circuit board subassemblies by aligning and stacking copper foils, epoxy-fiberglass laminates, and circuit layers to form panels and press books. The layup room is a clean room with downdraft air handling to minimize dust and contains a layup station and conveyer system. Operators kit needed materials and carefully stack up and interlace materials in accordance with a plan provide on a work order. Careful attention to detail is required in this position to ensure that the correct materials are stacked up in the correct order. Operators in the job tend to work alone when laying up.

Estimated Earnings: $30,657 – $42,570

Copper Plating Operator

Calumet Electronics copper plating operator

A Copper Plating Operator is responsible for the operation, quality checks, and maintenance of manufacturing’s high-volume automated copper plating lines. The copper plating lines consist of an automatic hoist, a series of chemical baths, and a computer control system that stores recipes for individual customer parts. An operator’s primary responsibilities include loading and unloading production panels from the line, conducting in process inspections to ensure the quality of the product, performing maintenance tasks to ensures the equipment is in proper working order, and working with engineers to make improvements.

Estimated Earnings: $30,657 – $42,570

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