introducing america's

smallest, lightest, fastest pcbs

enable next-gen electronics

go beyond subtractive processing

Dramatically increase in PCB circuit density with 1 mil (25µm) trace enabling high-density fanout with 0.4mm pitch BGA.

Improve RF performance over subtractive-etch processes. Improved SI with ratios greater than 1:1 for metal traces.

Dramatically decrease size and weight and increase density while improving reliability and reducing cost.

Current U.S. Capability

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Current Asia Capability

new calumet capability

Limitations of U.S. Subtractive Processes
New capabilities at Calumet Electronics
3 mil (75µm) trace/space, trapezoidal traces
1 mil (25µm) trace/space, straight sidewalls
1.0mm BGAs, up to 4 fanout traces, 3 mil (75µm)
0.4mm BGAs, up to 6 fanout traces, 1 mil (25 µm)
mSAP 1µm/3.0µm base copper
A-SAP™ 0.25µm copper seed layer
Limited copper feature formation
High frequency passives, transmission lines, and waveguides