Bryan Gahan Comes Home to Calumet Electronics

Leading American PCB manufacturer accelerates capabilities with return of industry expert.

CALUMET, MI (December 28, 2020). Industry veteran Bryan Gahan has returned home to Calumet Electronics after a decade of building experience and expertise in the domestic electronics industry.  Gahan is the latest addition to Calumet Electronics’ expanding team of engineers and will fill a strategic role as a Senior Product Realization and R&D Engineer. Gahan is accelerating the company’s efforts to be a leader in the American electronics industry with secure sourcing of complex circuit board designs.

Calumet Electronics CEO Stephen Vairo is excited about Gahan’s return. “Bryan has built a strong reputation across the industry. He brings instant know-how to our operation with a depth of knowledge that complements ours. He has valuable experience in critical areas where we are looking to rapidly gain business. We’re very fortunate to welcome Bryan back to the company.”

Gahan’s goal is to further position Calumet Electronics as a global technology leader, contributing outside perspectives to augment Calumet’s knowledge base and accelerate the company forward. “Calumet offers an amazing opportunity for new synergies with an intelligent and talented group of experienced and early-career engineers. My goal is to help the company advance and be successful through innovation. The team of engineers already in place at Calumet is formidable. I am confident we will accomplish anything we set our minds to.”

A 1998 graduate of Michigan Technological University, Gahan was originally hired by Calumet Electronics to help migrate to a new CAM system while still an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering. Two years later, Bryan was promoted as the company’s first Process Engineer, serving in that role for a decade. Gahan served in various roles over the proceeding years at Electrotek and Photronics where his experience and expertise was broadened and expanded in the defense and aerospace sectors.

Gahan expands Calumet Electronics’ expertise in designing and building a wide array of very complex HDI, ultra HDI, RF/Microwave, flex and rigid-flex circuit board designs. He has worked in a number of capacities, including design, pre-production engineering, process engineering, quality assurance and facility design. As he explains, “I’ve been in the room where tough designs are realized. I have been in dozens of PCB shops so I know how to spot a successful operation. Calumet Electronics has an impressive leadership team, capable engineering, a modern manufacturing floor and a strong commitment to quality. Calumet’s investment in people, capital equipment, and facilities is impressive.”

Calumet’s COO, Todd Brassard, notes that Gahan’s value extends well beyond his technological knowledge. “In the short time Bryan has been back at Calumet, we have learned that his knowledge and experience complement our existing capabilities. Our engineering teams are formidable, but Bryan is a force multiplier that will enable Calumet Electronics to reach further, faster. Our goal is to be a force for good in the domestic electronics industry, and having Bryan on our team is bringing us that much closer to our goal.”

Bryan always planned to return to Upper Michigan. “For years I’ve enjoyed my lakeshore cabin in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The region, known for its arts and education system, offers diverse culture with warm and welcoming faces. The Keweenaw truly has all the amenities that can be found in the big city, with the tranquility of a countryside setting.  The area is a wonderful place to live, work and play.” With respect to the company to which he is returning, Gahan adds, “Over the years, I have heard great things about Calumet Electronics and their positive reputation for doing business and the quality of their products. When the opportunity to return arose, everything just seemed to mesh. Calumet’s vision is bold. I’m excited to contribute and be part of the company’s bright future.”

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