Calumet Electronics Joins Elite Group of IPC Award Recipients

Corporate Recognition Award highlights Calumet Electronics’ industry leadership

Calumet Electronics received prestigious recognition for its impact on the electronics industry, including the company’s efforts to advance young engineers. IPC, an esteemed international trade organization celebrating excellence in electronics, awarded Calumet with the Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award, positioning the company with other top tier U.S. manufacturers. Past recipients include premier companies like Northrop Grumman, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane, Honeywell, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and TTM.

“The working partnership that we have with IPC is having a positive impact on our industry,” said Steve Vairo, President and CEO. “Along with our regular efforts in education and industry activism, together we are energizing the fourth industrial revolution. Calumet is humbled to be the recipient of this award because it validates our mission to secure American manufacturing and attract young, smart thinkers to this industry.”

The Corporate Recognition Award—named after former IPC Board Chairman Peter Sarmanian—celebrates an IPC member’s support of individuals through technical and management programs. 

Its partnership with the world-class Michigan Technological University (MTU) provides Calumet access to some of the nation’s brightest young minds, including process engineer Audra Thurston. Over the span of just three years, Audra began advancing technologies at Calumet, was recognized by the White House and received this year’s IPC Rising Star Award.

“We are honored and humbled to be chosen this year for the Peter Sarmanian Award, as his achievements and contributions to this industry and IPC have paved the way for others to follow,” said Vairo. “We are proud to be recognized along with our peers who have won this award in the past.”

During a time when many manufacturers moved offshore, Calumet invested in homegrown talent while protecting American interests in electronics. With deep expertise and thought-leadership, innovative engineers, industry advocacy and ground-breaking manufacturing processes, Calumet rises to meet urgent needs at the highest level for aerospace, defense, advanced power grid, medical device and industrial controls. 

“IPC is privileged to honor a storied U.S. PCB manufacturer that is helping to lead the electronics industry into the future,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “Calumet is a driving force in the revitalization of U.S. PCB fabrication. Through its strong partnership with MTU and its mentorship of young engineers, Calumet has helped establish and sustain a technology hub in Michigan that is delivering regional economic growth and national industrial strength.”

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