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Who we are

Calumet Electronics engineers, manufactures and ships over 4 million printed circuit boards (PCB’s)  each year from our 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Calumet, Michigan. Located just 12 miles from Michigan Technological University, we build high-performance circuit boards for critical industries including electric power, industrial controls, defense, aerospace and advanced communications.

When 80% of the PCB industry moved offshore, we never gave up on American manufacturing. Today, we are recognized as American PCB industry leader and activist for advancing American engineering,  manufacturing, cutting-edge technologies and capacities. We regularly work with government, industry and education leaders to help revitalize the North American electronics industry.

Calumet Electronics continuously invests in talented people, state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing expansion to better serve our customers. We engage in research and development to enable our customers to manufacture very complex electronics within the United States. On our journey, we are always learning, improving and growing. Come grow with us!  Learn more about available positions on our job openings page.

Calumet Electronics early career engineer

Whether you are unskilled, skilled or a degreed engineer, Calumet Electronics has opportunities for you in manufacturing, quality assurance, process engineering, design for manufacture, maintenance, safety/security, accounting, human resources, information technology, programming and cyber security.


We are growing. As we take on the challenge to solve America’s PCB supply chain problems, our manufacturing workforce gets new opportunities to upskill, take leadership roles and grow themselves as they help grow the company. We seek reliable people who are committed to learning and growing with us for the long haul.

Producing circuit boards requires a complex interplay of engineering and manufacturing processes. At Calumet Electronics, our team photo- plots with lasers, bonds with lamination vacuum presses, adds and removes copper with plating and etching and mechanically fabricates with drilling, routing and scoring machines. We are strongly focused on process control, quality control, excellent workmanship and conformance testing using optical test machines, certified inspectors and laboratory analysis. Manufacturing PCB’s is challenging and requires a great deal of finely tuned procedures, vigilant process control, and team synergy. Calumet Electronics brings it all together to produce  the worlds finest PCB’s for the American Electronics  Industry. Take a facility tour.

We offer more and better employment opportunities in manufacturing! Full-time employees can count on 40+ hours/week with abundant opportunities for 1.5x overtime on weekdays and weekends. We operate around the clock with three 8-hour shifts and four 12-hour shifts. We offer shift differentials for working evenings (7%) and nights (14%). All employees receive paid holidays, vacation and/or sick days and 401K/Aflac opportunities.

Calumet Electronics Hitachi Drill Machines

Are you tired of jobs with inconsistent schedules or insufficient hours?  New to the work force? Are you experienced and are looking for a job upgrade? Calumet Electronics has excellent opportunities in manufacturing for you. Opportunities to advance are abundant if you are reliable, teachable and committed to growth including advancement to quality, process, CAM and other technical or management roles.


Calumet Electronics has a need for brilliant early-career and experience engineers to help advance the company’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities and technologies. Whether you have an interest in tuning performance of complex manufacturing processes with critical thinking and problem solving or you want to explore and develop advanced manufacturing capabilities and technologies, we have a position for you.

Over the past two decades, North America has fallen behind offshore competition in manufacturing cutting edge printed circuit boards. The Department of Commerce tells us that the North America electronics industrial base has “failed to maintain state-of-the-art,” and as of 2015, was “dying on the vine.” As concerns and risks with offshore supply chains increase, a critical need to revitalize the United States electronics manufacturing industry is a major priority.

Did you know that a majority of experienced American electronics manufacturing engineers are nearing retirement age? Our industry is in great need of an infusion of talented young engineers with the drive and passion to rebuild this great industry. Calumet Electronics is an industry leader in capacity, capability and advocacy. Joining our team is not only an opportunity to play a significant role within our company, but provide leadership to an entire industry that is working to make America competitive on the global stage.

Calumet Electronics engineers

Join our great engineering team in Upper Michigan’s beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula! Calumet Electronics hires chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, material scientists, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, quality engineers and manufacturing engineers. We also hire technicians to support our engineering team.

Calumet Electronics also has career professionals in:

  • Quality Control
  • Human Resources
  • Safety
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Maintenance & Facilities
  • Cyber Security