certifications & accreditations


Calumet Electronics is America’s only HUBZone certified, major PCB manufacturer. Calumet Electronics qualified for the HUBZone program because it is 100% owned and controlled by U.S. citizens, has principal offices located in the HUBZone and has at least 35% of its employees living in the HUBZone.

The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities. Calumet Electronics is dedicated to providing and sustaining meaningful jobs in its remote location in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Created in 1990 by SAE Inc., Nadcap is administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute (PRI). PRI exists to advance the interests of the mobility and related industries through development of performance standards and administration of quality assurance, accreditation and certification programs as well as related activities for the benefit of industry, government, and the general public. PRI works closely with industry to understand their emerging needs and offers customized solutions in response. Learn more at www.pri-network.org or contact PRI at PRINadcap@sae.org.

Nadcap Merit Status

Suppliers who consistently demonstrate their commitment to quality by satisfying their customer requirements and industry specifications are awarded the Nadcap Merit Status. The supplier Merit Program allows Suppliers to undergo reaccreditation audits of a reduced scope and/or extended frequency as determined by the applicable Task Group. If awarded Merit Status, a Supplier’s reaccreditation audit frequency will increase from 12 months up to 24 months.

AS9100d (NSF ISR)

AS9100 certification represents a well-defined Quality System for the design, fabrication and assembly of devices for aircraft, weapon systems and commercial applications. It shows commitment to quality and customers and a willingness to work toward improving efficiency. It demonstrates the existence of an effective quality management system that satisfies the rigors of an independent, external audit and addresses the additional safety, reliability and quality concerns specific to the aerospace industry.

The ISO 9000 family of standards is related to quality management systems and designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product. The standards are published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, and available through National standards bodies. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the eight management principles on which the family of standards is based. ISO 9001 deals with the requirements that organizations wishing to meet the standard have to fulfill.


MIL-PRF-31032 establishes the general performance requirements for printed circuit boards or printed wiring boards (hereafter designated printed board) and the verification requirements for insuring that these items meet the applicable performance requirements. Certification and qualification to this specification allows manufacturers to apply the QML program to printed boards procured to non-QML documents such as MIL-PRF-55110 and MIL-P-50884. The intent of this specification is to allow the printed board manufacturer the flexibility to implement best commercial practices to the maximum extent possible while still providing product that meets military performance needs.

This quality management system was developed in coordination with the best commercial practices. It provides a quality management system that allows companies to build boards that will perform to military standards. Once certification is achieved, the manufacturer is placed on the Qualified Manufacturer’s list. This identifies our company’s ability to manufacture PCBs to the performance specification listed on the QML.

IPC 1791 Trust

IPC-1791 Qualified Manufacturers Listing is a facility-level certification based on a standard published by the IPC (Association Connection Electronics Industry) titled “Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator, and Assembler Requirements.” The standard provides the minimum set of requirements an organization needs comply with in order to become a trusted source for industries requiring a high level of confidence in the integrity of the components they intend to use in their end products.

The certification is intended for companies that design, manufacture and/or assemble printed circuit boards for use in industries such as military, aerospace, medical and industrial. A company can be certified for one or more of those business activities. IPC Validation Services certifies companies who can demonstrate their ability to meet and maintain the requirements of the standard.


Calumet Electronics is registered with the United States Department of State and able to handle export controlled items or technical data as defined by Arms Export Control Act. All of our processes ensure that all of your items or technical data that are subject to export control restrictions will be protected as required by law.

Cage Code

Calumet Electronics is certified under the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program and is allowed to handle militarily critical technical data as required by Calumet Electronics customers.The Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code identifies government contractors. This five-character ID number, originally created by the Department of Defense (DOD), is used by NASA and other federal government agencies. Cage Codes are vital for any contractor wanting to secure federal government contracts.