CRP and Calumet Electronics bring high-quality PCBs to DoD marketplace

Representative spotlight: CRPTechnical solutions

Calumet has a strong network of field partners, including CRP Technical Solutions. We have teamed up with CRP to develop critical relationships in key markets. Customers trust the CRP team, which is evidenced by their continued growth, even during the pandemic.

“Since year one at Calumet, CRP came out swinging and has not looked back,” said Mike Kadlec, Calumet VP / Corp. Development. “I credit their success in this marketplace to their commitment to the process, their work ethic, and their faith in mutual accomplishment.”

This three-person team—Chris Platt, John Barnes, and Steve Minhinnett—is one of Calumet’s top-performing field partnerships, credited with drawing a wide variety of customers and earning the highest sales total for a single day.

“CRP is a team of disciplined field engineers and solutions experts who found the opportunity during an era with supplier consolidation and ever-increasing offshore threats—Calumet Electronics is the best solution opportunity in North America,” said Kadlec. “CRP’s success demonstrates why.”

“Calumet Electronics has proven to be an exceptional partner since we started working with them in 2014,” said CRP Partner John Barnes. “Over the years, they have consistently invested in talent and leading-edge equipment. As a result of this investment, their capabilities have quickly grown, and key mil-aero customers have recognized that in our territory. Calumet truly is an excellent company to partner with.”

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