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Calumet Electronics engineering opportunities
Calumet Electronics engineering opportunities

In the United States, “master PCB engineers” are retiring while the American Electronics Industry is pushing to grow forward. The result is that the American PCB industry has space at the top for innovative and aggressive engineers.

Calumet Electronics can give an engineer with the right skill sets an incredible opportunity to quickly be recognized as a high-performer in a tight-knit electronics engineering community.  We sit at the table with industry leaders in telecommunications, aerospace, defense and critical infrastructure. We are coveted speakers at high profile symposiums. We visit the White House.

Our engineers know that they are integral to protecting American technological supremacy.

Engineering jobs at Calumet Electronics are no cake-walk. Our engineers face challenging obstacles that are rich in opportunity. Our work helps make the most vital equipment in the world come to life. The PCB industry is a category that will launch young engineers to the highest levels. Calumet Electronics is helping them get there.

Calumet Electronics engineering opportunities
Calumet Electronics engineering opportunities

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Professionals living in the Upper Peninsula have the unique opportunity of living in communities like Calumet and Houghton, Michigan that have great tech jobs, resources AND world class natural amenities. 

The entire region has abundant benefits for young engineers, from one-of-a-kind recreation to a thriving STEM community with abundant shared interests. 

Michigan Technological University is 15 miles from Calumet. Here, an ongoing supply of highly qualified engineers receive an outstanding education and fall in love with the area. Many want to stay here – which gives Calumet Electronics a domestic recruiting advantage.  More than any other American PCB manufacturer, Calumet Electronics can offer engineers and their families outstanding positions and never-ending benefits of living in a beautiful remote location.  

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