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for mission critical and national security applications

Advanced Power Grid & Communications

Calumet Electronics’ components are built into systems that control and monitor critical infrastructure power and communications systems. Our zero downtime, zero failure PCB performance brings critical functionality to the vital equipment to help our country, states and cities function.

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Calumet Electronics’ printed circuit¬† boards are deployed across multiple aerospace applications. Calumet Electronics’ PCBs ensure reliable cockpit operations. They activate complex satellite communications systems and are a part of sophisticated equipment used in space exploration.

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Calumet Electronics’ PCBs are at the heart of technologies that support the defensive, offensive and logistical activities of all branches of the military. They provide operational capabilities to pursue systems and strategies required to accomplish the mission.

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Medical Devices

Reliable electronic components provide diagnostic, operating, life-support and therapeutic functions that improve and sustain the quality of the healthcare industry and help healthcare providers maximize benefits while minimizing cost.

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Industrial Controls

Equipment used for virtually all business enterprise activities depend on the electronic components that drive automated processes. They improve output, shorten lead times and improve resource management capability.

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