Premium Materials.
Fully Equipped.

UL Approved Materials


  • 85N & 85 HP (polyimide)


  • Ticer (TCR & TCR EHF)
  • Ohmega Ply
  • Dupont Interra
  • Farradflex


  • FR402 / FR406
  • 408HR Family (FR408, 408HR)
  • 370HR / 185HR Family
  • P95 / P96 (polyimide)
  • G-200 (BT/Epoxy)
  • IS Family
  • I-Speed
  • I-Tera MT40 & MT40 (RF/MW)
  • Astra MT77
  • Tachyon 100G
  • Terragreen & Terragreen (RF/MW)


  • IT-180ATC
  • IT-158TC


  • N4000 Family (N4000-13, 13 EP, 13 SI, 13 EP SI)
  • N4380 Family
  • N4800 Family
  • N7000 Family (polyimide)
  • Meteorwave 8000, 8300, 8350
  • Meteorwave 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000


  • Megtron 7
  • Megtron 6
  • Megtron 4


  • Dupont Pyralux AP


  • 4000 Series
  • 3000 Series
  • RT / duroid


  • VT-42 (S)
  • VT-47 (TC)
  • VT-48 (TC)
  • VT-575, VT-585

$26 Million in Capital Equipment

We invest approximately 10% of our annual revenue in capital improvements. Since 1996, we have invested $4,000,000 in upgrades, improvements and developing new capabilities to better serve our customers.

Featured Equipment

8-Camera Post-Etch-Punch

Perfectly placed layup tooling holes and core front-to-back image registration validation.

CO2/UV Dual-Head Laser Drill

Realized laser drilling process of multi-layer boards with high speed and accuracy.

Orbotech Paragon 16W Laser Direct Imager (LDI)

Perfect circuit images optimized to each production panel without the need for film.

Microcraft EMMA Flying Probe Testers

EMMA is a fixtureless flying probe that uses its unique contact probes to conduct continuity and isolation tests to both top and bottom sides of the board at the same time.

OPTEK VideoMic

The OPTEK VideoMic series provides rapid, non-contact 3-Axis coordinate measurement with remarkable speed and accuracy. This capability allows the user to verify critical dimensions on first articles, production samples, or entire runs.

Accu Systems Scoring Machines

The benefits of v-scoring are well documented. The efficiencies gained in producing multiple assemblies from a single manufacturing cycle ensure the continued success of this value-added process.

Eclipse Metallization

MacDermid Eclipse is the next generation direct metallization process, engineered specifically for fabricators and OEMs that require consistently high performance, reliability and durability. Eclipse provides high tech capabilities and RoHS-compliance all in one.

Electroless Metallization

This electroless process greatly improves the object’s resistance to galling and leaves a predictable, uniform nickel coating for high precision parts, which can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces of any geometry or intricate shape.

Orbotech Laser Plotter

Ultra-fast throughput. Highest quality plotting for challenging, leading-edge designs. Multiple inch and mm resolutions up to 50,800 dpi. Best accuracy under tight criteria. Unattended operation. Seamless integration with CAM and other Orbotech plotters.

OLEC AccuTray AT30 Auto Align Imager

The AccuTray™ AT 30 is OLEC’s innovative, automatic vision-based registration system for imaging printed circuit boards or chemical machining. The AccuTray AT 30 can handle tasks impossible to accomplish using conventional equipment and offers a much higher level of control and versatility.

OPTEK InnerVision

The OPTEK InnerVision is the world’s first x-ray coordinate measuring machine. It measures and reports the positions of internal features such as coupon pads on inner layers of multi-layer printed circuit boards, reinforcements and fastener inserts in composite structures and other such encapsulated or laminated features.

Penta HASL_LFSL with WISE PrePost Clean

Innovation, user- and customer-orientation, highest quality and non-pollution are the supreme objectives of PENTAGAL’ vertical Hot Air Leveling System. It is more cost-effective, space-economizing, more available and ecological than present horizontal automatic Hot Air Leveling Systems.

Schmid Strip-Etch-Strip (SES)

The Schmid SES lines with innovative filter systems clean the entire stripping solution before it is returned to the tank container. Depending on the resist type, a cyclone filter system, a drum filter system or a combination of both is used. The stripping process adjust to the type of resist then removes the remaining photoresist on the circuits.

Orbotech Discovery AOI

Orbotech’s AOI systems deliver consistent results that are faster, more accurate and much more cost-effective than visual inspection, bringing a new level of quality to touch screen manufacturing. Powered by field-proven SIP Technology™ to further improve manufacturers’ bottom line results, Discovery, the world’s bestselling AOI, provides simple, intelligent and powerful AOI performance.

Schmid Develop-Etch-Strip (DES)

The Schmid DES line has an innovative filter technology for the stripping process adjusted to the type of resist. This machine also has transport systems adaptable to all circuit board formats. Because of the very high mix of PCB requirements from customers, essentially customizing the DES step based on the characteristics of the board, is extremely important.

Automated Electroplating Equipment

Calumet Electronics has invested in two automated vertical plating lines from Process Automation Limited, LLC. Each plating machine is equipped with 18 stages including six copper plating stages and one tin plating stage. Transporter control is managed by a PLC housed in a separate control cabinet. Mechanical agitation is provided on all process and rinse tanks. Plating process variables are managed through OSST software ensuring consistency and eliminating human error.

Pola & Massa Deburr

The Pola & Massa further prepares the panel with an air knife that removes additional debris from drilled holes, scrubbing the board with four auto-adjusted scrub brushes, then a high-pressure rinse and dry cycle. The process is fully automated and managed through an Omron PLC ensuring consistent preparation and cleaning for every panel.

Pluritech X-Ray Drill Machines

Calumet Electronics uses a Pluritec INSPECTA L to x-ray and then drill “best fit” tooling holes unique to each production panel. The unique tooling holes result in precise production drilling and an increase in multilayer registration accuracy.

Hitachi Drill Machines

Calumet Electronics has invested in the innovative technology and advanced engineering of Hitachi drill machines. Hitachi produces the fastest, most accurate and most reliable CNC PCB drilling machines on the market. Hitachi drill machines provide the following benefits to Calumet Electronics and its customers: reduced bit exchange time using Hitachi’s quick insert changer; chip clogging prevention using cyclone jet technology; reliable broken bit detection accomplished with a unique method of counting chips and maintaining long term stability; stable small hole drilling with minimal bit breakage using a front thrust spindle; flexible tool management with the easy-handling tool cassette design; panel scrap eliminated through the use of the tool height detector that prevents the use of damaged or wrong size tools.

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