Supplier Spotlight: Matrix Electronics

Matrix Electronics has been a valued supplier to Calumet Electronics for 20 years. Throughout our partnership, they have consistently lived up to their motto of “Quality Products, Dependable People.” From automation solutions to multilayer and flex laminates, ED copper films, and drills and routers, their products have helped to significantly advance the work of Calumet Electronics.

Matrix was established in 1977 with a goal of providing quality raw materials to the North American printed circuit board industry. The company’s four autonomous product divisions specialize in laminates, chemicals, carbide tools, and imaging products, including ultra-high sensitivity dry film resist for A-Sap and M-SAP technology.

Each division is managed by an industry expert, and their technical support teams have experience in every PCB manufacturing process. Matrix also provides value-added services, including sheeting, tooling, and embossing the various raw materials used in the PCB industry.

“Matrix is always ready and willing to make things happen, even if there’s some time between orders,” said Calumet Electronics Vice President/CPO Elden Hendrickson, Jr. “Over the past two decades, we’ve had just one rep — Sunil Shah. He’s absolutely top notch. He always returns calls quickly, and if he doesn’t have an answer he’ll seek one out. Sunil has been a valued supplier and friend.”

Matrix is a fiscally solid company, with 158 employees and locations in Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Santa Ana, and Santa Clara. Their products are processed in a Matrix plant whose Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified.

“Matrix has supported many critical aspects of our business,” said Hendrickson. “They have supplied Perfect Point router bits, used to rout out the individual PCBs; our Mach 630NP film laminators, which have advanced our dry film lamination process; Circuit Foil copper foil for multilayer panels; and Panasonic laminates, which provide another widely accepted quality material option for building high-tech PCBs. We really appreciate the attention they bring to every transaction.”

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