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Calumet Electronics is one of 5 companies manufacturing printed circuit boards entirely in the United States
Calumet Electronics is 1 of 12 printed circuit board manufacturers that hold Nadcap Merit Status

Calumet Electronics  is one of the few PCB manufacturers in the United States who manufacturers entirely in the United States. We do not offshore any aspect of our production and are 100% American owned.

From prototypes to production, Calumet Electronics is committed to sectors of the American electronics industry that require extraordinary levels of quality. Our manufacturing strength is ideally scalable, with the ability to ramp up and ramp down production based on order sizes and turnaround times.

Although Calumet Electronics’ customers span a wide array of industries, they all require high-performance circuit boards that are used at the heart of applications that demand zero downtime and zero failures.

At multiple touchpoints, Calumet Electronics is an advocate to expand the stability and growth of domestic PCB manufacturing. With regular connectivity to State and Federal legislators and IPC (Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits), Calumet stands with industry leadership to drive advancement.

Our remote location in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan provides a safe and secure manufacturing setting with a reliable all-American workforce.

Calumet Electronics printed circuit boards are 100% made in America
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