fully-integrated quality policy

Calumet Electronics is committed to exceeding customer expectations and to continual quality improvement. We believe that:

  • a simple and concise quality policy is most effective, memorable and powerful;
  • that our quality practices should be intrinsic and inherent in everything we do;
  • and that our quality goals must encompass all aspects of our business and business relationships.

Our quality policy extends to our employees, our suppliers, vendors and contractors.

We constantly work to improve our own quality standards, measures, systems, process controls and capabilities, and we require organizations that work with Calumet Electronics to do the same.

We’re committed to providing high-quality product to our customers by exceeding their specifications, including testing, certification materials and other intangibles.

Each manufacturing workgroup views downstream workgroups as their customers. That inspires them to move product forward on schedule, with excellent workmanship that meets all quality criteria