Motivated by honest, hard work


that's defined by our people

Calumet Electronics produces 3,500,000 high-reliability PCBs every year
Calumet Electronics is 1 of 12 printed circuit board manufacturers that hold Nadcap Merit Status
Calumet Electronics has 300 plus hardworking employees

In 1968, the last copper mines closed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A forward-thinking group of community business people founded Calumet Electronics with a mission to create a workplace and provide career opportunities through family-sustaining manufacturing jobs.

This mission laid a foundation for the success that helped give rise to advances in technology, engineering and manufacturing expertise that continue to propel Calumet Electronics forward.

Above all, our people bring a culture of honest, hard work that is vital to our company’s consistency and stability.

Our expertise  to meet the needs of American electronics manufacturers is rocketing forward. Lean initiatives and world class manufacturing practices are continuously improving the way our people work together to best serve our customers. Engineering innovation is not only attracting industry leaders, but also impacting even the most basic PCB production processes. Collaborative customer relationships and long-term partnerships are creating a solid and sustainable business model for Calumet Electronics to build on into the future.

As Calumet Electronics continues to thrive, our company remains as tough as the people who work here and as strong as the town that inspired our name.

Calumet Electronics printed circuit boards are 100% made in America
Calumet Electronics is one of 5 companies manufacturing printed circuit boards entirely in the United States
Calumet Electronics celebrates over 50 years of quality service in the printed circuit board industry
America's only Hubzone certified manufacturer